I have worked as a freelance videomaker for Italy’s main broadcasting companies, as well as for news agencies, commercial companies and cultural institutions.

After working for over a decade as a freelance videomaker/filmmaker and video editor, I have gained extensive knowledge of the whole industry workflow standards.

I have a deep knowledge of the most widely used editing software programs. Similarly, I’m used to working in fast-paced environments such as the broadcasting industry.

Thanks to my previous work experience, which has afforded me the chance to acquire a well-rounded skill set, including excellent relationship building and time management skills, I have developed excellent skills in:

            •          presentation and communications skills and can easily navigate high-profile environments

            •          Conducting in-depth documentary-style interviews

            •         Visualizing and designing the best possible storytelling needed

            •          adapting and working even in the most uncomfortable “on the road” situations

My interest as a filmmaker over the years has focused on underground music reportages, road movies, history & heritage documentaries. In addition to my professional experience, I have a solid school background, a creative mind and a passion for challenging work projects.

Enrico Stocco Freelance Videomaker Venezia 2021
Enrico Stocco Freelance Videomaker / Video Editor Venezia, 2021. picture © Matteo Caocci 2021