I am a freelance videographer and video editor with over a decade of experience. I have been improving my skills as a cameraman, traveling all around the world — East Europe, Turkey, Greece, Brasil, USA, Vietnam, and Japan — filming reportages that capture the essence of different cultures and stories. My work primarily focuses on creating underground music reportages, road movies, and history & heritage documentaries. These projects have allowed me to develop a keen eye for detail and storytelling while working efficiently under tight deadlines and in crazy situations.

I have worked as a freelance filmmaker for companies and institutions, creating compelling video content that aligns with their brand identities. Furthermore, I collaborate with gay.it in promoting diversity and inclusion through video production, underscoring my commitment to social causes and my ability to handle sensitive subjects with care and creativity.

My passion for music deeply influences my work, and I am known for being an easy-going and reliable professional. I have also gained extensive experience as a video technician for major live events. My involvement in high-profile projects such as the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, JMJ Rio De Janeiro 2013, FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014, and various festivals at the Venice Biennale has equipped me with a thorough understanding of workflow standards and the technical expertise required for seamless video production. These experiences have sharpened my problem-solving skills and my ability to work collaboratively with diverse teams.

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