documentari e reportages

Venezia Oltremare, documentario sulle rotte storiche commerciali veneziane nel mediterraneo orientale, prodotto nell'ambito del progetto Sulle Ali del Leone
documentario musicale / reportage del festival itinerante "Were'Loud" prodotto per Slovenly Recordings
breve reportage sulla Transnistria pubblicato su
documentario sulle rotte commerciali storiche veneziane nell'Adriatico orientale, prodotto nel 2008 nell'ambito del progetto "Sulle Ali Del Leone"
On this page you can view some documentaries and reportages that I produced as an author, taking care of their writing, filming and final editing. A selection that exemplifies the areas of interest in which I have ventured into the last 12 years: travel on alternative routes to the mainstream, historical research, the relationship between Venice and the East, the discovery of underground musical scenes. Other reportages and documentaries I worked on as a cameraman or editor can be viewed in the broadcast/news section of this site